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Traffic Signals & Traffic Control Devices

TS # Jurisdiction E/W Street N/S Street Comments Construction Plan
PS-6166 Tucson 14TH ST 6TH AVE HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-6306 Tucson 17TH ST SWAN RD HAWK Pedestrian Signal
TS-6391 Tucson 18TH ST PARK AVE
TS-6371 Tucson 18TH ST 6TH AV/STONE AVE
TS-0321 Arizona State 1ST AVE ORACLE RD
PS-6421 Tucson 20TH ST 6TH AVE (SB) PELICAN Pedestrian Signal I-96-041
PS-6431 Tucson 20TH ST 6TH AVE (NB) PELICAN Pedestrian Signal I-96-041
TS-6641 Tucson 22ND ST COUNTRY CLUB RD East/West LTs
TS-6671 Tucson 22ND ST ALVERNON WAY LTs All 4 Ways I-96-008
TS-6691 Tucson 22ND ST COLUMBUS BLVD East/West LTs I-71-001
TS-6711 Tucson 22ND ST SWAN RD LTs All 4 Ways I-71-001
TS-6741 Tucson 22ND ST CRAYCROFT RD LTs All 4 Ways
TS-6771 Tucson 22ND ST WILMOT RD LTs All 4 Ways
TS-6791 Tucson 22ND ST KOLB RD LTs All 4 Ways
TS-6811 Tucson 22ND ST PRUDENCE RD East/West LTs
TS-6821 Tucson 22ND ST PANTANO RD WB to SB Lead LTs F-87-007
TS-6851 Tucson 22ND ST SARNOFF DR I-87-028
TS-6861 Tucson 22ND ST CAMINO SECO WEST WB to SB Lag LT I-87-028
TS-6871 Tucson 22ND ST CAMINO SECO EAST EB to NB Lag LT I-87-028
TS-6881 Tucson 22ND ST OAK PARK DR
TS-6901 Tucson 22ND ST HARRISON RD I-88-049
TS-6941 Tucson 22ND ST HOUGHTON RD I-90-004
PS-6776 Tucson 22ND ST AVENIDA POLAR/AMHERST DR HAWK Pedestrian Signal U-97-001
PS-6631 Tucson 22ND ST TREAT AVE HAWK Pedestrian Signal
TS-6911 Tucson 22ND ST OLD SPANISH TRL Most Signals and Video Detectors are mounted on a 134 foot, 6 inch structure spanning 22nd St. I-2003-039
TS-6531 Tucson 22ND ST 10TH AVE
TS-6541 Tucson 22ND ST 6TH AVE LTs All 4 Ways I-92-010
TS-6551 Tucson 22ND ST 4TH AVE
TS-6571 Tucson 22ND ST PARK AVE LTs All 4 Ways I-97-001
TS-6591 Tucson 22ND ST KINO PKWY LTs All 4 Ways I-81-056
TS-6611 Tucson 22ND ST AVIATION PKWY EB to NB Lag LTs, Ramp "B", SR 210 I-92-034
TS-6621 Tucson 22ND ST TUCSON BLVD East/West LTs
PS-6756 Tucson 22ND ST SAHUARA AVE HAWK 2 RING Pedestrian Signal U-2005-010
PS-6561 Tucson 22ND ST EUCLID AVE HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-6646 Tucson 22ND ST LAKESHORE LANE HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-6736 Tucson 22ND ST MAGNOLIA AVE HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-6781 Tucson 22ND ST AVENIDA SIRIO HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-7054 Tucson 26TH ST CRAYCROFT RD HAWK Pedestrian Signal
PS-7051 South Tucson 26TH ST 6TH AVE PELICAN Pedestrian Signal
PS-7056 Tucson 27TH ST ALVERNON WAY HAWK Pedestrian Signal U-99-007
TS-7091 Tucson 29TH ST I-10 EASTSIDE 29th & WB Frontage Road, Pages 625 - 627. I-2002-047
TS-7101 South Tucson 29TH ST 10TH AVE
TS-7121 South Tucson 29TH ST 6TH AVE I-96-014
TS-7131 South Tucson 29TH ST 4TH AVE
TS-7181 Tucson 29TH ST COLUMBUS BLVD I-85-045
TS-7191 Tucson 29TH ST SWAN RD LTs All 4 Ways
TS-7211 Tucson 29TH ST CRAYCROFT RD NB to WB & SB to EB LTs I-82-020

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