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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2017-017 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.11,T.12S.,R.12E. T12S R12E 11
Z-2021-0191 Z-2021-0191, NW 1/4, NW 1/4, STARS TRAILS DR. / ROCHELLE PL. T12S R13E 28
Z-2019-165 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-168, 1276' x 660',11985 N DERRINGER RD to 11835 N DERRINGER RD / 11830, 11835 N CARBINE RD, Lot 3, A1-3,B1-3,C1-3, T12S, R10E, S04 NW1/4, N Derringer Rd, W El Camino De Tres Arroyos T12S R10E 04
Z-2020-507 Z-2020-507, ROBERT F. MELLEN, 83-127 , PARCEL 21533029B, SE1/4, NE 1/4 T12S R11E 33
Z-2017-020 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.33,T.12S.,R.12E.,Wade Rd. T12S R12E 33
Z-2017-276 Robert F Mellen,Lot 30,Happy Acres,Bk.20 of Maps and Plats at Pg.14,Sec.7,T.12S.,R.12E.,Lambert Lane T12S R12E 07
Z-2018-282 Robert F Mellen,South of intersection Anthony and Gemstone Rd ( central South 1/2 of Section) Lots 6 and 7, Sec.34, T.12S., R.11E. T12S R11E 34
Z-2019-168 Z-2019-168 Robert F. Mellen, #78-87,7751, 7701 N. Via El Yugo. Lot 55 / 56, Rancho Del Rio Estates, Maps and Plats book 62, page 79 T12S, R11E, S33, NE1/4, N. Via jEl Yugo, Via El Rebano. T12S R11E 33
Z-2018-030 Robert F Mellen, Lot 6, block 5, Fairhaven Village, Bk.14 of Maps and Plats at Pg.59, Sec.25,T.12S.,R.13E., Camino Cortaro, Northern Ave. T12S R13E 25
Z-2017-281 Robert F Mellen,Lot 102,Oro Valley Est.,Bk.13 of Maps and Plats at Pg.60,Sec.14,T.12S.,R.13E.,Golf View Dr.,Landoran Lane T12S R13E 14
Z-2018-287 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Lot 11, Sec.34, T.12S., R.11E., Ina Rd. T12S R11E 34
Z-2020-770 Z-2020-770, 8353 N. THORNYDALE RD. / CORTARO FARMS RD., NE 1/4, SE 1/4 T12S R13E 30
Z-2017-283 Robert F Mellen,Lot 210,Oro Valley Est.,Bk.13 of Maps and Plats at Pg.60,Sec.13,T.12S.,R.13E.,Greenock Dr. T12S R13E 13
Z-2021-0201 Z-2021-0201, PASEO CORONA, bk. 19 of maps and plats pg. 11 T12S R13E 15
Z-2020-260 Z-2020-260, 7565 N WESTWARD LOOK DR T12S R13E 36
Z-2020-1021 Z-2020-1021, CALLE DEL VASO, bk. 37 of maps and plats pg. 01 T12S R14E 18
Z-2018-292 Robert F Mellen, 2950 LAMBERT LN, POWER LINES ABOVE, Survey, Sec.08, T.12S., R.13E., Shannon Rd., LAMBERT LN.( Naranja Dr.), (ref. z-2018-570) T12S R13E 08
Z-2018-038 Robert F Mellen,Lot 343, Metropolitan Est.1,Bk.29 of Maps and Plats at Pg.73,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.13E., Alana Lane T12S R13E 32
Z-2017-289 Robert F Mellen,Lot 2,Cromwell Est.,Bk.26 of Maps and Plats at Pg.61,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.13E.,Cromwell Dr. T12S R13E 32
Z-2020-009 Z-2020-009, Robert F. Mellen, 67-01, T12S, R13E, sec. 30 SE1/4, Thornydale Rd. / Cortaro Farms Rd. T12S R13E 30
Z-2020-265 Z-2020-265, maps and plats bk. 26, pg. 44 T12S R13E 32
Z-2020-777 Z-2020-777, 11315 W. ANTHONY RD. T12S R11E 34
Z-2017-290 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.33,T.12S.,R.12E. T12S R12E 33
Z-2020-779 Z-2020-779, bk. 11 of maps and plats pg. 100, FIR DR. / HICKORY DR. T12S R13E 26
Z-2018-301 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.32, T.12S., R.13E., Magee Rd., Thornydale Rd., Wesleyan Dr. T12S R13E 32
Z-2018-557 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Lot 1, Sec.34, T.12S., R.11E., Anthony Dr. T12S R11E 34
Z-2018-302 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.31, T.12S., R.13E., Thornydale Rd., Sunny Shadow Pl. T12S R13E 31
Z-2020-274 Z-2020-274, maps and plats bk. 19, pg. 11 T12S R13E 15
Z-2021-0218 Z-2021-0218, INA RD., T12S R11E 35
Z-2018-052 Robert F Mellen, Lot 93, Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E., Camino Sin Vacas T12S R14E 32
Z-2020-534 Z-2020-534, T12S, R12E, S34, SE 1/4 T12S R12E 34
Z-2020-279 Z-2020-279 (although 2 pages having same job # 81-79 have different locations, ...002 renumbered to Z-2020-935 ), Potvin Rd., Camino Central T12S R13E 08
Z-2020-1042 Z-2020-1042, SE 1/4, 920 W. LINDA VISTA BL. / CALLE EL MILAGRO, bk. 13 of maps and plats pg. 60 T12S R13E 14
Z-2018-312 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.4, T.12S., R.13E., Naranja Dr., Shannon Rd. T12S R13E 04
Z-2018-313 Robert F Mellen, Sketch of Traverse, Sec.32, T.12S., R.13E., Thornydale Rd., Massingale Rd. T12S R13E 32
Z-2018-570 Robert F Mellen, 2950-2960 W. LAMBERT LN. (ELECTRIC LINES ABOVE), Survey, Sec.8, T.12S., R.13E., Camino de la Tierra, LAMBERT LN (Naranja Dr.), Shannon Rd. T12S R13E 08
Z-2020-1046 Z-2020-1046, NE 1/4, 7606 N CAMINO SIN VACAS / CALLE SIN MIEDO, bk. 28 of maps and plats pg. 54 T12S R14E 32
Z-2021-0227 Z-2021-0227, bk. 28 of maps and plats pg. 54 T12S R14E 32
Z-2017-055 Robert F Mellen,Lot 38,Catalina Ridge Est.,Bk.36 of Maps and Plats at Pg.64,Sec.33,T.12S.,R.14E.,Moon Spirit Lane T12S R14E 33
Z-2017-311 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.8,T.12S.,R.13E.,Camino De La Tierra T12S R13E 08
Z-2020-287 Z-2020-287 T12S R11E 34
Z-2020-799 Z-2020-799, DAWN DR., , bk. 24 of maps and plats pg. 71 T12S R13E 27
Z-2017-056 Robert F Mellen,Lot 25,Happy Acres,Bk.14 of Maps and Plats at Pg.45,Sec.7,T.12S.,R.12E.,Safford St.,Wasson Ave. T12S R12E 07
Z-2017-313 Robert F Mellen,Lot 94, Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E.,Camino Sin Vacas T12S R14E 32
Z-2021-0232 Z-2021-0232, SW 1/4, 9980 N DESERT SKY RD, VALLE DEL ORO RD. / DESERT SKY RD., bk. 29 of maps and plats pg. 26 T12S R13E 13
Z-2017-059 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.9,T.12S.,R.10E. T12S R10E 09
Z-2018-577 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.33, T.12S., R.11E., Ludwig Rd., Sandario Rd. T12S R11E 33
Z-2017-060 Robert F Mellen,Lot 1504,Casa Adobes Country Club Est.,Bk.17 of Maps and Plats at Pg.61,Sec.29,T.12S.,R.13E.,Magee Rd.,Cortina Place T12S R13E 29
Z-2020-036 Z-2020-036,600 E. ETON DR., maps and plats bk 14, page 17 T12S R13E 36
Z-2020-548 Z-2020-548, ROBERT F. MELLEN, 76-32. 7835 N SANDARIO RD, S 1/2,N 2/3, SE1/4, NE14, T12S R11E 33

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