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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2020-1062 Z-2020-1062, NW 1/4, bk. 01 of maps and plats pg. 55 T16S R9E 28
Z-2021-0001 Z-2021-0001 T16S R9E 28
Z-2017-125 Robert F Mellen, PENAL COUNTY, Survey,Sec.14,T.9S.,R.9E.,I-10, T9S R9E 14
Z-2017-160 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.14,T.9S.,R.9E. PENAL COUNTY. T9S R9E 14
Z-2020-738 Z-2020-738, bk. of maps and plats pg. T12S R9E 32
Z-2020-181 Z-2020-181 T7S R8E 17
Z-2021-0228 Z-2021-0228,---PINAL COUNTY--- CHUICHU RD. / HANNA RD T7S R6E 08
Z-2020-122 Z-2020-122 T13S R5W 35
Z-2020-084 Z-2020-084 T13S R5E 25
Z-2017-224 Robert F Mellen,Lot 4,Blk.6,Garden Homes,Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.41,Sec.25,T.13S.,R.13E.,Yavapai Rd. T3S R3E 25
Z-2020-734 Z-2020-734,SE1/4,NE 1/4, TOWN OF EGAR.....5TH AV / BUTLER ST. T8S R29E 04
Z-2020-364 Z-2020-364, DOUGLAS ARIZONA, T24S R27E 11
Z-2020-925 Z-2020-925, S 1/2, STEWART RD. / HAMILTON RD., T13S R24E 15
Z-2018-493 Robert F Mellen, BISBEE, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.23E., Tacoma St., 7th St., Charles Dr., School Dr., 4th St., 5th St., 6th St. T21S R23E 34
Z-2017-459 Robert F Mellen, COCHISE County, AZ., Mule Shoe Ranch , Hooker Hot Springs, Survey, Sec.6,T.12S.,R.21E. T12S R21E 06
Z-2020-494 Z-2020-494 S. 7TH ST., AZ HWY 80 T22S R20E 02
Z-2020-499 Z-2020-499, T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-568 Robert F Mellen, HUACHUCA CITY, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.32, T.20S., R.20E., Hunt Rd., Ida St., Skyline Ave. T20S R20E 32
Z-2020-057 Z-2020-057, COCHISE COUNTY T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-058 Z-2020-058, COCHISE COUNTY, T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-345 Robert F Mellen, Survey, FORT HUACHUCA MILITARY RESERVATION, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 1, Sec.10, T.22S., R.20E. T22S R20E 10
Z-2021-0264 Z-2021-0264, 800 S. CARMICHAEL AV., GOLF LINKS / JENNIFER LN. T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-360 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 5, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Carmichael Ave., Witt Dr. T22S R20E 03
Z-2020-075 Z-2020-075 COCHISE COUNTY - Garden Canyon Heights - blocks 7 - 9, 20, 21, & portions of blocks 10 & 11 and addition to blocks 4 - 6 of Garden Canyon #3 T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-083 Z-2020-083 COCHISE COUNTY T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-623 Z-2020-623, SIERRA VISTA N.W. AREA, N 7TH ST / QUAIL HOLLOW DR. T21S R20E 35
Z-2021-0053 Z-2021-0053,----COCHISE COUNTY----, CARMICHAEL AV. / BUSBY DR. T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-174 Robert F Mellen, Tacoma and N 7th St, NOGALES, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.20E., Tacoma St., Charles St. T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-433 Robert F Mellen, Survey, FORT HUACHUCA MILITARY RESERVATION, COCHISE COUNTY, Lot 1, Sec.10, T.22S., R.20E., Garden Ave., Terra St., Lea St., Judd St., Golf Links Rd. T22S R20E 10
Z-2020-148 Z-2020-148 T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-149 Z-2020-149 T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-193 Robert F Mellen, Tacoma St. and N. 7th St, NOGALES, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Survey, Sec.34, T.21S., R.20E., Charles Dr., Tacoma St. T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-675 Z-2020-675, COCHISE COUNTY, T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-454 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Witt Dr., Carmichael Ave. T22S R20E 03
Z-2020-438 Z-2020-438, NE 1/4 T22S R20E 02
Z-2020-971 Z-2020-971, COCHISE COUNTY-----, NE 1/4, 600 E. CHARLES DR., T21S R20E 34
Z-2020-972 Z-2020-972,----SIERRA VISTA----, NE 1/4, 415 E TACOMA DR., T21S R20E 34
Z-2018-491 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.3, T.22S., R.20E., Busby St., Carmichael Ave., Golf Links Rd., Danny Ln., Jennifer Ln., Garden Ave. T22S R20E 03
Z-2018-507 Robert F Mellen, SIERRA VISTA, COCHISE COUNTY, Survey, Sec.35, T.21S., R.20E., 7th St., Quail Hollow Dr., Carmelita Dr. T21S R20E 35
Z-2017-250 Robert F Mellen, COCHISE COUNTY, (Would not be able to locate or link to City of Tucson Maps and Records)Lot 8 thru 16,Blk.13,Original Benson Townsite,Sec.10,T.17S.,R.20E. T17S R20E 10
Z-2020-013 Z-2020-013----SIERRA VISTA------ T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-527 Z-2020-527, NO LOCATION AVAILABLE. T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-278 Z-2020-278- NO INFORMATION GIVEN T1S R1E 01
Z-2021-0246 Z-2021-0246, ---PINAL COUNTY REF.----GPS LOC.100368.4481 / 94213.4487 T1S R1E 01
Z-2021-0263 Z-2021-0263, NO LOCATION INFORMATION GIVEN: 3.40 ACRES T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-352 Z-2020-352,-- SIERRA VIESTA ARIZONA,-- T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-355 Z-2020-355, ---PUEBLO SPRINGS MOBILE HOME PARK---(no further information) T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-366 Z-2020-366--- cut sheet for REGICOR INDUSTRIES, INC.//OPENCORPORATES--DATA BASE, (no further information) T1S R1E 01
Z-2020-409 Z-2020-409---CUT SHEET---no further information given. T1S R1E 01

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