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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2019-053 Robert F. Mellen, #78-121, 1401, 1419, 1437 N ROOK AVE, Lot 1, Blk 6, Catalina Heights Annex, Bk 4 of maps and plats, pg.49, T14S, R14E, S01 SE1/4, N Fairmount St. N Rook Av.. T14S R14E 01
Z-2019-137 Robert F. Mellen, Job #79-131, 1800 S 5TH AVE,(according to drawing),..( Lots 1,2,3, &4, Blk 16, Chattmans Addition, Bk 2 of maps and plats, pg.22)…., T14S, R13E, S24 NE1/4, E 28th St., S 5th Av. T14S R13E 24
Z-2016-003 Army Corp of Engineers, Point and Elevation data, Rillito Creek, Pantano Wash, Tanque Verde Creek, apparent pages missing, no date
Z-2017-013 Everett M Trueblood, Survey, Sec.1,T.15S.,R.13E., Drexel Rd. T15S R13E 01
Z-2017-007 Everett M Trueblood, Topo Survey, Lot 2,Blk.5, Sabino Campsites, Bk.5 of Maps and Plats at Pg.48, Sabino Dr.,Sec.16,T.13S.,R.15E. T13S R15E 16
Z-2017-016 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 158,Las Alturas,Bk.30 of Maps and Plats at Pg.19,Sec.15,T.13S.,R.14E. T13S R14E 15
Z-2017-108 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 2,Ina Road/I-10 Plaza Addn.,Bk.42 of Maps and Plats at Pg.59,Sec.36,T.12S.,R.12E.,Ina Rd. T12S R12E 36
Z-2017-102 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 20,Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E.,Ina Rd.,Placita Sin Codicia T12S R14E 32
Z-2017-112 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 222,Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E.,Camino Sin Vacas T12S R14E 32
Z-2017-074 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 226,Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E.,Camino Sin Vacas T12S R14E 32
Z-2017-105 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 249,The Highlands,Bk.15 of Maps and Plats at Pg.21,Sec.12,T.12S.,R.13E.,Appalachian St. T12S R13E 12
Z-2017-093 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 45,46,47,48,Ross Acres,Bk.8 of Maps and Plats at Pg.65,Sec.29,T.15S.,R.15E.,Interstate 10,Benson Hwy. T15S R15E 29
Z-2017-119 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 5,Sabino Campsites,Bk.5 of Maps and Plats at Pg.48,Sec.16,T.13S.,R.15E. T13S R15E 16
Z-2017-117 Everett M Trueblood,Lot 71,223,224,225,Sin Vacas,Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.54,Sec.32,T.12S.,R.14E. T12S R14E 32
Z-2017-005 Everett M Trueblood,Sketch of Legal Description,Proposed, 3806 W IRONWOOD HILL DR, 15 Electrical Esm't. and 15'x15' Transformer Esm't.,Sec.31,T.13S.,R.13E. T13S R13E 31
Z-2017-110 Everett M Trueblood,Survey,Sec.24,T.13S.,R.13E.,Oracle Rd.,Limberlost Rd. T13S R13E 24
Z-2017-114 Everett M Trueblood,Survey,Sec.36,T.13S.,R.12E. T13S R12E 36
Z-2017-073 Everett M Trueblood,Survey,Sec.4.T.12S.,R.11E. T12S R11E 04
Z-2017-109 Everett M Trueblood,Topo Survey,Lot 15,Las Lomas De Kino,Bk.29 of Maps and Plats at Pg.42,Sec.5,T.13S.,R.14E.,Ozona Dr. T13S R14E 05
Z-2017-420 Everett Trueblood, Survey, Lot 133, Casas Adobes Park,Bk.27 of Maps and Plats at Pg.13,Sec.9,T.13S.,R.13E.,Placita Del Huerto, Oracle Jaynes Station Rd. T13S R13E 09
Z-2020-004 Fredrick J. Sturniolo, AZ.# 12537, job 89008, lot 1, Marjack Subdivision as recorded in Bk 16 of Maps and Plats, Pg. 97, and Tucson General Hospital, and North Campbell Ave. Medical / Dental Plaza, as recorded in Bk 36 of M/P, Pg. 48, T13S, R14E, S29 NW1/4, Campbell Ave., Allen Road, Tucson Blvd. Roger Rd. T13S R14E 29
Z-2018-627 James A. Brucci, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for Project Cactus, Sec. 23, T.14S., R.13E., Silverlake Rd., un-named road (Fiandaca Bl.), reference U-2018-018. T14S R13E 23
Z-2018-161 Kenneth E. Zismann, 1335 (or 1401) E. Moonridge Rd., Lot 37 (lot 38), Shadow Roc Subdivision, Bk.18 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.31, T.12S., R.14E., Moonridge Rd T12S R14E 31
Z-2016-004 Lot 7,Blk.177,CITY OF TUCSON,BK.3 OF MAPS AND PLATS AT PG.70,SEC.14,T.13S.,R.12E.,T.N.STEVENS 1953,Main St., Franklin St. T14S R13E 12
Z-2017-419 Record of Survey, Blk.247, City of Tucson, Bk.3 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.13,T.14S.,R.13E., Meyer Ave., 18th St. T14S R13E 13
Z-2019-002 Robert F. Mellen, #78-3, 6711 S. Pavo Real Pl., Lot 159, Las Palomas, Bk.24 of Maps and Plats at Pg.77, T15S, R13E, S17, S Pavo Real PL., W Via Perico St. T15S R13E 17
Z-2018-342 Robert F Mellen , Survey, Sec.27, T.13S., R.13E., Flowing Wells Rd., Romero Rd., Fort Lowell Rd., Prince Rd., Higgins Ln. T13S R13E 27
Z-2017-001 Robert F Mellen, 11850 W. Picture Rock Rd., Picture Rocks Rd.,Sandario Rd.,Sec.4,T.13S.,R.11E. T13S R11E 04
Z-2017-424 Robert F Mellen, 12000 E. Makohon Trl.,Lot 35, Makohoh Estates, Bk.28 of Maps and Plats at Pg.23, Sec.20 NW1/4,T.13S.,R16E., Soldier Trail Rd., Makohoh Trail. T13S R16E 20
Z-2018-512 Robert F Mellen, 12481 W. Picture Rock Rd., Survey, Sec.4, T.13S., R.11E., Sanders Rd., Lord Ln., Picture Rocks Rd. T13S R11E 04
Z-2018-112 Robert F Mellen, 1335 (or 1401) E. Moonridge Rd., Lot 37 (lot 38), Shadow Roc, Bk.18 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.31,T.12S.,R.14E., Moonridge Rd T12S R14E 31
Z-2017-484 Robert F Mellen, 1411 E. Big Rock Rd., Lot 13, Shadow Roc, Bk.18 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.31,T.12S.,R.14E., Big Rock Rd. T12S R14E 31
Z-2018-622 Robert F Mellen, 1420 E. Thunderhead Dr., Lot 106, Shadow Roc, Bk.19 of Maps and Plats at Pg.34, Sec.31, T.12S., R.14E., Thunderhead Dr. T12S R14E 31
Z-2018-197 Robert F Mellen, 1606 W. Riverview Blvd., Lot 8, El Rio Acres, Bk.6 of Maps and Plats at Pg.11, Sec.3, T.14S., R.13E., W. Riverview Bl., Aztec St. T14S R13E 03
Z-2017-002 Robert F Mellen, 1631 E. Moonridge Rd., Lot 43,Shadow Roc,Bk.18 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70,Moonridge Rd.,Sec.31,T.12S.,R.14E. T12S R14E 31
Z-2017-106 Robert F Mellen, 227 S. Grande Ave., Lot 5,19,P.S.Hughes,Bk.3 of Maps and Plats at Pg.43,Sec.14,T.14S.,R.13E.,Grande Ave.,Grandview lane T14S R13E 14
Z-2018-382 Robert F Mellen, 2464 N Highland Ave., Lots 9 and 10, Blk.17, Jefferson Park Addition, Bk.4 of Maps and Plats at Pg.17, Sec.31, T.13S., R.14E., Highland Ave., Spring St., Water St., Vine Ave. T13S R14E 31
Z-2018-225 Robert F Mellen, 2700 E. Ozona Pl. Lot 7, Las Lomas de Kino, Bk.29 of Maps and Plats at Pg.42, Sec.5, T.13S., R.14E., Ozona Pl. T13S R14E 05
Z-2017-447 Robert F Mellen, 2900 N. Avenida de la Colina, Lot 37, Telesis Estates No.2, Bk.11 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.36 NW,T.13S.,R.15E., Avenida de la Colina T13S R15E 36
Z-2018-292 Robert F Mellen, 2950 LAMBERT LN, POWER LINES ABOVE, Survey, Sec.08, T.12S., R.13E., Shannon Rd., LAMBERT LN.( Naranja Dr.), (ref. z-2018-570) T12S R13E 08
Z-2018-570 Robert F Mellen, 2950-2960 W. LAMBERT LN. (ELECTRIC LINES ABOVE), Survey, Sec.8, T.12S., R.13E., Camino de la Tierra, LAMBERT LN (Naranja Dr.), Shannon Rd. T12S R13E 08
Z-2017-205 Robert F Mellen, 3200 N VIEW CREST DR., Lot 32,Silver Hills Est.,Bk.13 of Maps and Plats at Pg.1,Sec.29,T.13S.,R.13E.,Rock Hill Rd. T13S R13E 29
Z-2017-285 Robert F Mellen, 3481 W. Morgan Rd., Lot 36,Sahuaros Grandes,Bk.32 of Maps and Plats at Pg.25,Sec.32,T.13S.,R.13E.,Morgan Rd., Peter Seward Dr. T13S R13E 32
Z-2017-003 Robert F Mellen, 3940 N. Buttercup Dr., Lot 19,Agua Caliente Est.,Bk.31 of Maps and Plats at Pg.31,Buttercup Dr.,Roger Rd.,Sec.29,T.13S.,R.16E. T13S R16E 29
Z-2017-498 Robert F Mellen, 4515 N. Rockcliff Rd., Lot 6, Rockcliff Subdivision, Bk.24 of Maps and Plats at Pg.67, Sec.21,T.13S.,R.15E., Rockcliff Rd. T13S R15E 21
Z-2017-172 Robert F Mellen, 4535 E Calle del Conde, Lot 107,Haciendas Del Rey,Bk.27 of Maps and Plats at Pg.53,Sec.10,T.13S.,R.14E.,Calle Del Conde,Camino Del Conde T13S R14E 10
Z-2018-191 Robert F Mellen, 4550 E Cerco del Corazon, Lot 502, Flecha Caida Ranch Estates No.9, Bk.14 of Maps and Plats at Pg.44, Sec.15, T.13S., R.14E., Cerro Del Corazon T13S R14E 15
Z-2017-425 Robert F Mellen, 4745 W CAMINO NUESTRO, Lot 18, Tucson Foothills Est.2,Bk.11 of Maps and Plats at Pg.30,Sec.24,T.13S.,R.12E. T13S R12E 24

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