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Miscellanous Surveys

Z # Description Township Range Section
Z-2016-003 Army Corp of Engineers, Point and Elevation data, Rillito Creek, Pantano Wash, Tanque Verde Creek, apparent pages missing, no date
Z-2019-167 Z-2019-167 Robert F. Mellen, Job #86-52 ( STILL NEEDS TO BE IDENTIFIED )
Z-2020-1072 Z-2020-1072
Z-2021-0199 Z-2021-0199, ----PINAL COUNTY--- T10S R11E 11
Z-2021-0006 Z-2021-0006, --PINAL COUNTY---,TRANSFORMER EASEMENT T10S R10E 29
Z-2020-847 Z-2020-847, SE 1/4, SW 1/4 T10S R13E 29
Z-2020-087 Z-2020-087, PINAL COUNTY T10S R11E 35
Z-2020-679 Z-2020-679, RED ROCK ELEM. SCHOOL, RED ROCK T10S R10E 08
Z-2021-0131 Z-2021-0131, SE 1/4, NW 1/4, T10S R11E 06
Z-2018-258 Robert F Mellen, Lots 14, 15, and 16, Summerhaven, Bk.4 of Maps and Plats at Pg.99, Sec.31, T.11S., R.16E., Winkleman Ave., Globe St., Hayden Ave. T11S R16E 31
Z-2020-487 Z-2020-487, maps and plats bk. 23, pg. 04 T11S R14E 09
Z-2020-490 Z-2020-490, SW 1/4 T11S R14E 15
Z-2021-0193 Z-2021-0193, NW 1/4, LAGO DEL ORO PKWY T11S R14E 11
Z-2018-538 Robert F Mellen, Lot 6, Blk. “B”, Vista Las Catalinas Subdivision No.1, Bk.9 of Maps and Plats at Pg.72, Sec.4, T.11S., R.14E., Avenida del Oro T11S R14E 04
Z-2017-288 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.21,T.11S.,R.13E. T11S R13E 21
Z-2020-008 Z-2020-008, maps and plats bk 4, pg. 99 T11S R16E 31
Z-2020-1033 Z-2020-1033, SW 1/4, 12802 N. TUCSON AV., bk. 04 of maps and plats pg. 99 T11S R16E 30
Z-2020-1034 Z-2020-1034, EDWIN RD. / FORECASTLE AV. T11S R14E 04
Z-2020-530 Z-2020-530, SUMMER HAVEN, MT LEMMON, Globe St / Phoenix Ave., , maps and plats bk. 04, pg. 99, (incorrect subdivision noted on map.) T11S R16E 31
Z-2021-0224 Z-2021-0224, E 1/2, NW 1/4, T11S R13E 31
Z-2017-058 Robert F Mellen,Lot 14,Mountain Vista Est.,Bk.25 of Maps and Plats at Pg.49,Sec.2,T.11S.,R.14E.,Wagon Train Place T11S R14E 02
Z-2020-294 Z-2020-294, SW 1/4, Trotter / lago del oro parkway,, maps and plats bk. 21, pg. 69 T11S R14E 15
Z-2020-297 Z-2020-297, maps and plats bk. 21, pg. 69 T11S R14E 15
Z-2020-810 Z-2020-810, WENTZ RD. / PRICE LANE, SE 1/4, SE 1/4 T11S R11E 18
Z-2017-069 Robert F Mellen,Lot 107,Hunter Subd.,Bk.20 of Maps and Plats at Pg.58,Sec.34,T.11S.,R.10E.,Blacktail Rd. T11S R10E 34
Z-2017-070 Robert F Mellen,Lot 106,Hunter Subd.,Bk.20 of Maps and Plats at Pg.58,Sec.34,T.11S.,R.10E.,Blacktail Rd. T11S R10E 34
Z-2017-326 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.22,T.11S.,R.11E., Adonis St. T11S R11E 22
Z-2018-337 Robert F Mellen, Lot 3, Sec.3, T.11S., R.14E., Columbus Blvd. T11S R14E 03
Z-2020-1075 Z-2020-1075 - NW1/4, NW1/4, Survey of Portion of Northwest Quarter (644' SE direction from farthest NW corner) of Section 21, Township 11 South, Range 13 East - includes a Microwave Tower Site - (Everett M. Trueblood) T11S R13E 21
Z-2017-087 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.21,T.11S.,R.13E. T11S R13E 21
Z-2017-089 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Lot 2,Sec.4,T.11S.,R.14E. T11S R14E 04
Z-2018-107 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.14, T.11S., R.10E. T11S R10E 14
Z-2020-852 Z-2020-852,SW 1/4, NW 1/4, BONANZA HIEGHTS / TUCSON-FLORENCE HWY, T11S R14E 04
Z-2021-0028 Z-2021-0028, SW 1/4, GRIER RD. / SANDERS RD. , T11S R11E 20
Z-2020-607 Z-2020-607, E 1/2, SW 1/4, T11S R13E 31
Z-2020-096 Z-2020-096,72-140, ROBERT F. MELLEN, (REVISED JB 73-82), THE UPPER 1/2 OF SECTION 35, T11S, R13E. T11S R13E 35
Z-2020-097 Z-2020-097, 72-140, ROBERT F. MELLEN, (REVISED JB 73-82 (SW1/4, NE1/4) AREA LOCATED AT THE SW1/4 OF THE NE1/4 OF SECT. 35, T11S, R13E. T11S R13E 35
Z-2021-0057 Z-2021-0057, 14340 N GIBSON TRL, NE 1/4, SE 1/4, NE 1/4, NE 1/4 T11S R13E 21
Z-2019-033 Robert F. Mellen, Job #78-71, July 1978,15700 N.Lago Del Oro PW, Parcel ID: 222320070, T11S, R14E, S11 NW1/4, (Canada Del Oro Wash), E Cloud Nine Dr., N.Lago Del Oro PW T11S R14E 11
Z-2020-374 Z-2020-374, SE 1/4 T11S R10E 34
Z-2018-149 Robert F Mellen, Survey, Sec.27, T.11S., R.13E., Moore Rd. T11S R13E 27
Z-2017-147 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.1,T.11S.,R.14E. T11S R14E 01
Z-2017-155 Robert F Mellen,Survey,Sec.26,T.11S.,R.10E. T11S R10E 26
Z-2019-046 Robert F. Mellen, Job #78-109, Area A, 3301 E Stallion Lane, T11S, R14E, S04 NW1/4, E Stallion Lane, N Elkins T11S R14E 04
Z-2018-162 Robert F Mellen, Lot 17, Ranch Acres Estates, Bk.21 of Maps and Plats at Pg.69, Sec.15, T.11S., R.14E., Trotter Pl. T11S R14E 15
Z-2020-388 Z-2020-388, SW 1/4, 13775 N. COMO HILLS DR. T11S R13E 21
Z-2019-051 Robert F. Mellen, Job #78-117, Nov 1978, Area A, B, and C, T11S, R11E, S08, Hardin Rd., Interstate 10, Southern Pacific Railroad T11S R11E 08
Z-2020-652 Z-2020-652, NE 1/4, NE 1/4, T11S R11E 28
Z-2020-653 Z-2020-653, NE 1/4, NE 1/4, T11S R11E 28
Z-2018-172 Robert F Mellen, Lot 67, Silverbell West, Bk.24 of Maps and Plats at Pg.70, Sec.31, T.11S., R.11E., Hong St. T11S R11E 31

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