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Construction Plan A-001

Plan # A-001
Plan Type A - City-Owned Property
Film Roll 1
Location R1

Plat of Subdivision of MILITARY PLAZA, Tucson, Arizona Territory. Dated 1899 Surveyed by Philip Contzen, City Engineer. Adopted by the Mayor and Common Council of the City of Tucson, Arizona Territory at a Regular Meeting on this 4th Day of December 1899. By Order of the City Council of date 5th January 1903, to be filed in the Office of the Recorder of Pima County, Arizona. Signed Frank S. Treat. Filed 13th Feburary 1903, Jophn Gardinet, City Engineer. Being official Subdivision adopted by the Mayor and Council and filed in the Recorders Office being Blocks 256, 257, 258, and 259.

Scanned Yes
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