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H # Description Township Range Section
H-000 Class ''H'' - Drawing -- Numerical Plan Index Listing -- ''H'' Surveys, Monument Maps - Current Lot, Block and Boundary Surveys, COT Record of Surveys. Plan Numbers H-001 thru H-361 were before 1962.
H-002 GRADE MAP, of City made by John P. Culver shows only that part of City from McCormick to Alameda & from Main to Stone Avenue (1882)
H-003 - Void -
H-004 PLAT OF AN OBSTRUCTION ON CHURCH & COUNCIL STS. In Block. 174, being a survey of same with bearings & distances of Block. 174.
H-005 GRADE MAP Number 6, A SURVEY OF CITY OF TUCSON, made L.D. Chillson, gives street widths, block dimensions, sidewalk widths & grades (1896)
H-006 - Void -
H-007 GRADE MAP, City of Tucson, shows drainage and grades at street Intersection only, shown
H-008 BLOCK 92, extension of Congress Street thru, gives a distance on the east half of said block
H-010 - Void -
H-011 SOUTH MAIN STREET along EAST Line of Block. 203 & 221, proposed widening & straightening of, bearings & distances of
H-012 GRADES, ELEVATIONS, & DISTANCES, Convent Street & McCormick Street intersection and vicinity. (October 12, 1909).
H-013 - Void -
H-014 - Void -
H-015 6th AVENUE, sketch in regard to base line on, gives station on property lines and curbs. NOTE: July 1922
H-016 - Void -
H-017 NELSON BLOCK Proposed alley thru
H-018 CONGRESS ST., Main Street to 5th Avenue shows frontage of blocks and owners
H-019 - Void -
H-020 - Void -
H-021 - Void -
H-022 CONGRESS ST., Toole Avenue to Tucson Mts. profile & boundarys of same, showing owners adjacent to various profiles of, from Main Street to bridge.
H-023 - Void -
H-024 COURT & CHURCH STS. Sketch in regard to a line thru center, gives distances from same to curb & property lines
H-025 - Void -
H-026 PARK AVENUE, proposed grading from 6th to 18th sts. shows profile of only. No distances shown on map.
H-027 CITY OF TUCSON, grade map Number 2, adopted by Council shows drainage area & contour lines.
H-028 - Void -
H-029 BLOCK 92, & 83, Congress Street & Pennington Street thru- old map, showing distances but no bearings
H-030 - Void -
H-032 FRANKLIN Street - proposed extensions of, from Goldschmidts Tract West to City boundary
H-033 CONGRESS ST. extension of from 5th Avenue to Toole Avenue Thru Block 91, with assess. List & plat of assess. Districts. All dimensions, Lots in Blocks 83, 91, 92, 195, 208, 248 given.
H-034 GRADE MAP, CITY OF TUCSON, grades given in a few additions, Bounded approximately, from Drachman Street on the North to 25th Street on the South and from Park Avenue on the East to 12th Avenue on the West. NOTE: W. H. Thomson, City Engineer, Scale is 1 inch = 300 feet, Map Dated April 1912
H-035 OSBORN AVENUE portion closed by EP & SW & New Street Opened up (1912) -- Ordinance 390 -- Recorded July 17, 1912 -- DRE Book 52, Page 212 -- (Osborne Avenue)
H-036 - Void -
H-037 - Void -
H-038 EXCHANGE OF PROPERTY, showing part deeded by Henry Granjon, To City of Tucson at Ochoa Street between Stone and Convent Lot 1, Block 244, & intersection of 7th Avenue & 23rd Street
H-039 STONE AVENUE AND CONGRESS ST. intersection of, shows car tracks as located, a survey of same (1914)
H-040 STREET INTERSECTIONS, angles & dimensions at various Intersections, Congress & Main, Congress & Stone, Congress & Toole, Congress & Meyers, Main & Simpson, Meyers & Simpson, Park Avenue & Speedway, Park & 3rd Street
H-041 - Void -
H-042 TOOLE AVENUE plat showing disputed lines of, being encroachment of property owners & SPRR on Toole Avenue
H-043 - Void -
H-044 BLOCK 81, survey of alley, showing encroachments on alley
H-045 GRADES, HELEN, MABEL, & DRACHMAN STS. ''Certified plat''
H-046 S. MAIN ST. location of center line, a survey & profile
H-047 CHURCH ST. plat showing walk affected by change of grade on, A profile of
H-048 GRADES & LINES FOR A FENCE, along N. R/W line Of SPRR gives distances in 4th Avenue Subway
H-049 Grade Elevation Map -- University District (U of A) -- from Tyndall Avenue to Mountain Avenue and from 11th Street to Drachman Avenue -- Not Stamped by engineer
H-050 - Void -
H-051 - Void -
H-052 BLOCK 208, proposed alley thru, gives owners & lot dimensions

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