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H # Description Township Range Section
H-101 MAP OF SEC. 8, T14S, R14E, & conflictions between Alta Vista Addition. & Speedway Hts. & conflictions along N. line Fairmount Addition. & property to be acquired for widening Tucson Boulevard (Speedway S. ¼ mile).
H-102 PROPOSED WIDENING of Streets in Court House Block
H-103 PROPOSED WIDENING OF PENNINGTON ST. Stone Avenue to 6th. Avenue, showing property to be acquired
H-104 - Void -
H-105 CHERRY AVENUE monument distances
H-106 PENNINGTON ST. WIDENING, Stone Avenue to 6th Street
H-107 MOUNTAIN AVENUE monument distances, missing from file at time for filming. Note: MISSING
H-108 - Void -
H-109 Showing Proposed Easement across Southern Pacific Railroad Reserve from East Property Line of Toole Avenue and Proposed Broadway widening from East Property Line of 1st Avenue to West Property Line of Park Avenue connection with Broadway subway. Dated October 9, 1929
H-110 6th AVENUE property to be acquired for widening 6th Avenue from Congress Street to alley north.
H-111 McCORMICK ST. proposed opening between the SW addition and Main Street
H-112 FRANKLIN ST., proposed ext. Santa Cruz River to Menlo Park
H-113 - Void -
H-114 BROADWAY DIST Improvement Alignment SM's 1st Avenue to Park, 8th to 12th alignment
H-115 ALLEY between 6th & 7th Street & 6th and 7th Aves. Showing ties to survey monuments.
H-116 Fort LOWELL, showing 40 acre tract, SW ¼ of NW ¼ of Sec. 36, T13S R14E
H-117 Property Claimed To Be Damaged on Account of 6th Avenue Subway. NOTE: George T. Grove, City Engineer Dated: June 1930
H-118 - Void -
H-119 CURB & GUTTER, MAIN, SIMPSON, on Simpson from Meyer to Main, on Main from Simpson to catch basin between McCormick & Mckenna.
H-121 CHURCH ST. WIDENING Broadway to Pennington, Blocks 196, 197, 209, 210, 211.
H-122 - Void -
H-123 FRANKLIN ST. EXT. part of Lot 38, Sec. 11, T14S, R13E to be acquired.
H-124 MAP showing approx. N. line of Lot 17 SEC 11, Street Mary's Avenue, W. of Granada Street Also, Tucson Auto Camp & proposed WIDENING Saint Mary's ROAD (To 60') from Brady Street to Railroad.
H-125 - Void -
H-126 ALAMEDA STREET widening between 6th and Stone Avenue
H-127 MON. LINES, angles, distances in district between Cherry & Plumer and 3rd Street and 6th Street
H-128 - Void -
H-129 MAP showing property lines on 1st AVENUE between Broadway & 12th In accord with deeds recorded in Book 59, Page 267, Book 57, Page 528, and City Ordinance Number 405
H-130 Property on W. SIDE PARK AVE, Broadway to Manlove Street
H-131 - Void -
H-133 ALAMEDA ST. profile 10th Street 1st Avenue showing 18'' storm drain.
H-134 Traverse of SM's CAMPBELL TO PLUMER, between Broadway
H-135 HIGHLAND AVENUE EST. Factory Avenue to SPRR R/W
H-136 - Void -
H-137 Map showing SPRR R/W LINE & N. line Speedway proposed drain ditch.
H-138 Park Avenue Opening, 16th to 17th St
H-139 Alley - Block. 26, BUELLS ADDITION. (Bk. 238, Page 38) NOTE: Missing
H-140 SM's plat of Traverse, SPEEDWAY TO 3RD ST. Cherry to Campbell (&13R36)
H-141 Layout of Streets, PARK to CAMPBELL, Speedway to 4th Street
H-142 WOOD ST. OPENING, Main to El Paso Street
H-143 Block. 8, BUELLS ADDITION., proposed alley thru NOTE: MISSING
H-144 - Void -
H-145 BROADWAY BOULEVARD, realignment from East side 1st Avenue to West side Park Avenue
H-146 Property in vicinity of proposed STONE AVE SUBWAY & R/W
H-147 Land deeded to U of A -- Southside 2nd Street from Park Avenue to Cherry Avenue --
H-148 CURB GRADE, West side of Tyndall, Between 2nd & 3rd Street
H-149 CONVENT STREET, widening on East side, Between Jackson and Broadway
H-150 - Void -
H-151 BONITA ST. & LINDA ST. Survey showing tr. conditions in W. Congress Addition.

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