Maps and Records


H # Description Township Range Section
H-303 Study of COLUMBUS BOULEVARD, 22nd to
H-304 Study of GLENN ST., Swan to Craycroft
H-305 Occupational Map, BLOCK 232, City of Tucson
H-306 GRABE & DEVRY CLAY PITS, E. of Melwood & Fresno (Menlo Park Area).
H-307 Study of 31st, commonly known as 29th or Silverlake from Alvernon to Jones Boulevard
H-308 R/W Study of Fort LOWELL ROAD, from Romero to Flowing Wells Road
H-309 City owned property North of Speedway & West of Silverbell Road
H-310 R/W Study PRINCE ROAD from Oracle Road to SPRR
H-311 R/W Study of TUCKER DRIVE
H-312 R/W Study of E. 22nd Street, Vine Avenue to Tucson Boulevard &/or 22nd Street Overpass.
H-312B R/W Study E. 22nd, Vine to Tucson Boulevard & overpass.
H-313 R/W Study of TUCSON BOULEVARD from Broadway to W. 17th Street
H-314A CITY SEWER FARM Highway R/W filed with 314.
H-315 Portion of TUCSON CONTROLLED ACCESS HIGHWAY At Street Mary's Road interchange requested to be vacated & sold (revised-1-61).
H-316 Study of E½, SEC. 18, T.14S., R.15E
H-317 R/W Study of Area bounded by GRANT ROAD, Sycamore, Flower and Winstell
H-318 Intersection of E. BROADWAY & TUCSON BOULEVARD
H-319 - Void -
H-320 R/W Study of DOWNTOWN AREA bounded by Congress, Court, Alameda and Granada.
H-321 Proposed Widening of BROADWAY, in BLOCKS 40 & 41, of BUELLS ADDITION, in BLOCKS 27 of DRAKES ADDITION, & alley opening in BLOCK 27 of DRAKES ADDITION (Ramsey Rez. C9-59-6)
H-322 Prop. 17th Street Prpty. Acquisitions at RR crossing. Also Factory Avenue Prpty. Acquisitions (all prop. SEE H-204)
H-323 Sketch showing prop. vacating of DOUGLAS ST. in MIRAMONTE TERRACE.
H-324 Prop. Widening of E. 6th Street & TREAT AVENUE Opening of Easement in NE¼ SE¼ SEC. 8, T.14S., R.14E. (El Canto Rez. C9-60-20)
H-324A El Encanto Apartments - East 6th Street Rezoning, Offer Number 59, Vacating Of Easement And Opening Of Easement, Located South Of 6th Street, Southeast Of Stewart Avenue, East Of Treat Avenue, Within Section 8, T14S, R14E, City Of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, RES 6828, Reference Docket 2946, Page 334, Docket 2033, Page 479, Docket 2946, Page 329, Reference Plan Number C9-60-20
H-325 Prop. Widening of 5th Street & Swan Road & opening of alley from Swan to Arcadia. (Swango Rez. C9-60-97)
H-326 R/W Study - SILVERBELL ROAD from Street Mary's Road to Anklam Road
H-327 Ties to existing curb PT's in BLOCK 192, City of Tucson
H-328 - Void -
H-329 Proposed Opening of Glenn Street from Calle Poniente/Kemp Boulevard to Flowing Wells Road
H-330 Prop. Opening of DRAGOON ST. from Grant Road to Riverview.
H-331 Study of SILVERBELL ROAD & area from Pennington to Anklam.
H-332 Prop. TUCSON PENETRATION ROUTE (City-County Participation)
H-333 Prop. widening of COUNRTY CLUB ROAD & Fort LOWELL ROAD plus Opening alleys, in vicinity of ''Winterhaven'' (Richards Rez. C9-59-152
H-334 Proposed Transition, Grant Road & Tucson Boulevard NOTE: (Paper Only)
H-335 - Void -
H-336 Prop. Opening of alleys in EMERY PARK, DREXEL ROAD to VALESKA ROAD (Billotte Rez. C9-60-130) not constructed.
H-337 Property and Monument Line Study -- Park Avenue to Campbell Avenue -- 22nd Street to 25th Street -- Including the following subdivisions: Bruckners Addition, Montclair Additon, Kenrose Park Addition, Kings Highway Addition, and Altadena Heights
H-338 Right Of Way Study, Area Bounded By 1st Avenue, Fort Lowell Road, Euclid Avenue & Blacklidge Drive
H-339 Prop. Widening of SWAN ROAD from 5th to 3rd Sts. (Miller- Swan Rez. C9-60-169
H-340 Right Of Way to be acquired, for widening GRANT ROAD & opening alleys In BLOCKS 62, 63, 64, of CORONADO HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION (Ross-Grant Rez. C9-59-99)
H-341 BUTTERFIELD ROUTE, 22ND Street Connection (City-County Planning)
H-342 BUTTERFIELD ROUTE, Clark-McCormick Street Connection (P&Z)
H-342A BUTTERFIELD ROUTE, Clark Street - McCormick Street Connection (Realignment) -- Merging with Granada Avenue and Cushing Street (formerly 14th Street) -- Easement with Southern Pacific Railroad Company (Southern Pacific Company) recorded in Docket Book 8105, Page 1312 -- Resolution 5802
H-343 BUTTERFIELD ROUTE, 12TH Street & 13TH Street Connection
H-344 Prop. Widening of LOS REALES ROAD & Opening alley in Lots 25-28 of VALENCIA SUBD. (Tucson Bldg. Inv.-12th Avenue Rez. C9-61-20)
H-345 IRVINGTON ROAD, South 6th to Benson Highway (U.S. 80)
H-346 - Void -
H-347 Park Avenue, Irvington Road to Drexel Road R/W Study
H-348 - Void -